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Experience the all new Akiraka template, featuring a 100% fully transparent design with total color control allowing you to easily customize your site's colors with a dynamic color chooser without needing to open an image editor.

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Infinite Possibilities

We've provided 10 great styles with Akiraka, but with our new custom color chooser in the Template Parameters section of the Administrator, you are in full control. You can update any of the colors by simply selecting it in the color chooser, and you can see a preview of how this will look instantly. Just click 'Apply' for your selection to take affect.

As well as having complete freedom to change any color, you can select between Light and Dark Overlays, also you can choose between 3 Textures, or can opt to have no textures at all for that sleek, clean look.

Unlimited Colours

The ever popular Color Chooser has made a return with this months template release. It is now a fully featured admin-based extension in the template parameters, for the ease and comfort of the Joomla Template Mananger.

A selection of over 20 options will greet you in the administrator, with options for both manual input for Hex values as well as a mootools popup color wheel. Making the color scheme of your choice has never been simpler!

Macro Power

RokCandy is the awesome new component from RocketTheme. It provides essential functionality for creating complicated articles but allowing BBcode type function within Joomla. Pre-configured tags can be set to dynamically change to any HTML option, providing you with a means to circumvent the horrific parsing of the WYSIWYG editor and keep your code-naive clients from utter confusion.

Ajax Search

RokAjaxSearch brings fantastic search functionality to Joomla!, using the powerful and versatile javascript library, Mootools.

So, what does the module do? The best description is an example. Simply type test in the search box in the upper right of Akiraka and wait ... and a popup will materialise, showcasing the Joomla search results for you.

Why do we love food?

This is due to a few, but very similar reasons:-

  1. It tastes exceptional
  2. It keeps your body going
  3. Its a reason to socialise
  4. It keeps the economy going
  5. Gave rise to food fights

Supermarkets avoid recession?

In a global recession, the supermarkets are still managing to stay on top and keep their profit margins high. How? Self-brand produce. As any frequenter of the supermarket will know, the supermarket will provide a range of different quality and priced products, from a budget sausage to the highest quality variant.

In economically trying times, more consumers purchase the cheaper and cheaper products, which are cheap for the supermarket to sell due to them being *in house*. Remarkable!

Favourite Food

Food, your favourite?


RokTabs Module

RokTabs, the fully independent and incredible flexible standalone version of the former RokSlide. The module itself is installable into Joomla and can be easier utilised on any template, not just Akiraka. As the name implies, it is a tabbed based module used to efficiently showcase your content to your visitors.

RokNavMenu Module

RokNavMenu is now an essential ingredient of RocketTheme templates. It provides various functions which are above and beyond what the mainmenu, and the subsequent template overrides can do. Therefore, a much more sophisticated menu can be constructed providing you with a much greater degree of usability.

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