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imageThe incredible new Dimensions template features a beautiful new look and feel designed to allow for the quickest and easiest customization. Change your background and customize your colors in minutes without ever setting foot in an image editor.

Dimensions also introduces a sleek new integrated tabbed module system that harnesses the power of RokSlide, providing you with a powerful new way to display your content. The features don't stop there. Dimensions has many more powerful features under the hood, including the exclusive RokMooMenu, 15 versatile module positions with subtle module variations, RokZoom integration, and so much more...


RokZoom Enabled

RokZoomGive your site's images a dynamic feel with Dimensions built in RokZoom support. You can also disable the RokZoom functionality with the flick of a switch. Learn more...


RokMooMenuDimensions features the exclusive RokMooMenu system based on the popular Suckerfish menu style with mootools powered transitions and effects. Learn more...

Mootools Integration

Dimensions features Mootools javascript powered functionality that is now compatible with both the latest mootools builds as well as the earlier 1.11 version.
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Custom Width

Dimensions allows you to change the width of your layout with a single control, giving you the perfect width for your site's needs. Learn more...

Dimensions CMS

Dimensions is also available in a native CMS platform so you can take advantage of the latest features without sacrificing style. Learn more...

Dynamic Styles

With Dimensions, treat your visitors to a unique experience when they visit your site with dynamically changing background images and colour schemes based on the time of day.

You can see this effect in action with the Style1 and Style2 presets included in Dimensions. Learn more...

Detailed Tutorials

Don't forget to check out the detailed Dimensions tutorials, featuring step by step guides to help you get the most out of your Dimensions template.
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Module Variations

Dimensions includes several subtle module variations to help you spice up your content and draw attention to key information. Learn more...

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Group 1 Tab

RokSlide Powered

RokSlideHarnessing the power and functionality of the popular RokSlide module, Dimensions offers the ability to present your modules in sliding tabs. Publish multiple modules into to a single tab module position as well as customize the titles that appear in each tab.
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Flexible Content

ContentOrganize large amounts of information in easy to navigate tabbed panes and reduce the clutter and space needed to display your content. By default, User 7-11 module positions appear in the bottom tabbed module pane. You can also add more module positions if needed. Learn more...

Group 2 Tab

Easy Color Customisation

ColorsAll of Dimensions accent colours are CSS based, allowing you to change the colour scheme with just a few quick modifications to the CSS. Use any background image you want, and the top and bottom fades will automatically be applied for a seamless look.
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Time of Day Style Changing

ColorsStyles 1 and 2 have four different time of day stylesets which dynamically change throughout the day based on your users' time. Customize the existing styles, or create your own automatically changing background and color mods.
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Group 3 Tab

The Perfect Background Image

BackgroundsWith Dimensions, you can use any background image you desire to give your site the character and style you want. Choose any image, set it as your background, and Dimensions will automatically apply top and bottom fades to your background image for a more seamless integration.

After you have set your background image, pick matching accent and text colors for your template to create the perfect match of color and style for your site. Learn more...

Group 4 Tab

Mootools Integration

Dimensions utilises the javascript library known as mootools to power special effects such as the RokMooMenu, RokSlide integration, and RokZoom features. Dimensions uses the latest development build of the mootools javascript library, but is also now compatible with the earlier 1.11 version of mootools as well for better integration and backwards compatibility.

Dimensions built in mootools javascript and functionality can also be disabled, should you need to use third party extensions which utilise other javascript libraries. Visit the RocketTheme Dimensions forum for more information. You can find out more information about Mootools on their website, located at